COVR Board Prospectus

Who We Are


“A working Ranch that restores purpose and spirit to veterans of all ages and eras.”


COVR has successfully demonstrated proof of concept through its agriculture and peer support programs that promote healing and foster post-traumatic growth. We are now poised to develop the third pillar of our programs – specialized end of life care for veterans of war.

Our vision is to work with collaborative partners to develop veteran-specific volunteer training for younger generations of combat veterans to companion dying veterans, fostering a mutual redemption through this unique peer to peer relationship. In COVR Advisory Board member Deborah Grassman’s words, “Dying veterans have something unique to teach us.”

Upon successful implementation of this third pillar of programming, COVR will collaborate and consult per interest in other communities with veterans interested in launching similar programming.

WHY US?: Overview of COVR

Since 2015 Central Oregon Veterans Ranch (COVR) has operated a 19-acre working ranch and engaged hundreds of veterans of different ages and eras in peer support and agriculture-related activities. COVR’s model of community-building offers veterans a non-stigmatizing environment to engage in support and post-traumatic growth. The Ranch helps veterans find a sense of belonging and purpose through meaningful interactions, team projects, education, growing plants and caring for animals. The Ranch’s s strength-based model recognizes that all veterans have something to offer, despite their physical, psychological or spiritual injuries. Veterans who participate at COVR discover a renewed sense of value and self-worth, whether through offering support to peers or contributing to the care and development of the property. COVR’s success in challenging two of the biggest barriers to veterans accessing care – isolation and stigma – have fostered interest in others communities and states, prompting exploration of expansion. We are excited to build an energetic, enthusiastic Board of Directors to help carry our vision into the future.


COVR Founder and Executive Director, Alison Perry

Alison Perry is a Licensed Professional Counselor and military family member with a passion for healing combat trauma across the lifespan. She started working with veterans in 2005, two years after her brother deployed for the invasion of Iraq as an Apache helicopter pilot. Alison has worked with veterans for over 15 years in government, private, and nonprofit settings, including six years with the Department of Veterans Affairs as a trauma therapist and contracting officer representative. She left the medical model of the VA in 2012 to pursue a more holistic vision of “a place where veterans could work on the land, sleep under the stars, and be in a community of other vets”. Central Oregon Veterans Ranch was established in 2014 and Alison currently serves as its Executive Director. She has also taught at the state of Oregon’s Police Academy (DPSST), co-facilitating Veterans Awareness and helping debrief mental health scenarios for law enforcement students. She served on the Deschutes County Public Health Advisory Board 2020-2021 and has been the recipient of the Red Cross Hero Award (2009) and the Bend Chamber of Commerce Community Hero Award (2017).

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